27. September 2017
"This is yummy!"...music to a mom's ears when it comes from the kids who turned their noses up at the menu.
17. July 2017
When you move bulls, boredom is a good thing...too much excitement can be hazardous to your health! We were blessed with an exceptionally "boring" bull moving day.
17. July 2017
Every working ranch follows a cycle that repeats itself year after year. Come join us as we start a new "life cycle" this week!
15. July 2017
Hey there fellow grass-fed beef enthusiasts. My name’s Tresa (pronounced Treesuh), and I’m the wife and mom of this crazy, colorful, fun bunch of people. I have to say I’m a little (OK…a LOT) nervous about this blog thing, but I thought you would enjoy seeing where your food comes from, and what it’s like to raise beef and a family out here on the wild prairie. In the process, I hope you can feel like you’re here with us, and enjoy the work and rewards along with the rest of our...