From our family...for yours!

Our cattle, like our kids, have all been raised on our ranch 30 miles south of Carson, North Dakota.  Through the years we have felt extremely blessed to raise our family here, and enjoy our own mouthwatering, wholesome beef.  

We pay close attention to the health of our land and allow it to rest between short grazing periods.  This  grazing/resting cycle produces nutrient dense native range that nourishes our cattle, so they produce nutrient dense beef.  In the coldest winter months (January - March) we add some of our own homegrown (GMO & chemical free) grass & alfalfa hay to the cattle's winter grazing diet, along with raw apple cider vinegar, molasses, and a natural mineral mixture to make sure their nutrient and energy needs are being met.

We are delighted to provide your family with the same thing we have always enjoyed...great beef that is great for you!  We hope you enjoy it as much as our family does!


Daniel and Tresa, David and Reagan, Denver, Victoria, Aja, TJ & Cherish Paul