Ranching Life Cycle continued

We've officially started a new life cycle here on the ranch.  The bulls are out, and no one got hurt...that's always good! :)  I mentioned last time that putting bulls out can sometimes be interesting.  In the spring and summer, bulls seem to be super-charged with energy and hormones, which makes them behave like a group of teenage boys, competing for the attention of a beautiful young woman!  What that looks like on bull moving day is this:  first, the bulls do a lot of grumbling and complaining about having to go anywhere as a bunch.   As they lumber along, there's a lot of pushing and shoving, with more than a little name calling.  The further they travel and the hotter they get, the pushing and name calling escalate until it erupts into an all out brawl!  It's amazing how fast a 2,000 pound bull can move when he's angry or intimidated!  Anything that happens to be in the way of a fast moving brawl is left flattened or in pieces.  Being on a tall horse makes you seem more intimidating to a bull (no ponies allowed on bull moving day), but regardless of the size of your ride, it is ALWAYS a good idea to steer clear of a brawl.  

Having said all that, I'm thankful to say that this years bull moving day was boring! :)  The weather was cool, there was a breeze for the bulls to walk into, and they almost seemed to be whistling a happy 

whistling a happy tune as we moved along.  One thing didn't change though, the bulls still whole heartedly played King in the Gate (the bovine version of the King on the Mountain game we played at our little country school house in grade school...the king was whomever could stay on top of the hill by himself, pushing and shoving allowed).  In the bull version, the bull who can keep the others from going through the gate is king, pushing and shoving ALLOWED!  What is it with bulls and gates anyway??

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